Motorsport is expensive and having financial support is a very important element in funding a career. Dave and Matt can only reach their goals with help and investment from sponsors. Sponsors would help provide a new set of slick tyres for each round, kart fuel, oil, servicing spares to build as fast kart as possible. Without sponsors, it would not be possible to race competitively

We are therefore actively seeking sponsorship opportunities and would welcome any approaches made by individuals or businesses for our 2019 season. In exchange for such sponsorship deals, we can offer varying amounts of exposure in proportion to the investment.

Company logos will be added to our website and have their own bio detailing the service(s) or product(s) they offer. A direct link to the sponsors website can be added to the page to ensure maximum exposure and visibility at request.

Company logos will also be added to the race suits of both drivers. The Daniel Ricciardo Series is professionally filmed and LIVE streamed on Facebook and YouTube on the Daniel Ricciardo UK Series channel. This will ensure national coverage is achieved for your brand. During the race weekend, there are various opportunities for interviews and camera coverage. This includes a filmed podium presentation.

Our social media coverage will give more exposure and DM Racing is committed to promoting its sponsor(s) via Facebook Pages and Instagram and Instagram TV.

In 2019 Daniel Rcciardo (7 time race winning) F1 driver has joined and rebranded the series. Daniel has committed to attending at least one of the Rounds during the season. He currently has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and often posts about the series with over 400k views since he announced his takeover on one video alone. Alongside this, another active social media page is the Daniel Ricciardo UK Series on Instagram. This currently has just shy of 5k followers and regularly posts updates about the drivers within the championship.

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