Welcome to the home of DM Racing UK.

DM Racing UK is made up of two Ricciardo Kart UK Championship drivers competing in the Super Elites category of the Daniel Ricciardo UK series:

Dave Burns & Matt Pearce

Follow their journey, round by round, up and down the country and experience behind the scenes access in the pits as they chase the title to be crowned Ricciardo Kart UK Champions with unique write ups, videos and social media posts.

The Daniel Ricciardo Kart UK Series is the Kart Racing sensation that delivers a Series with a REAL level playing field and an ultra competitive race series.

Dave and Matt grew up together and since toddlers have been passionate about fast cars and racing. They began their racing careers from a young age at Daytona Motorsport – Sandown and were both hooked from the very first moment they sat in a kart. Once you experience the magic of sliding a kart in to a braking zone, battling another soul trying their utmost to beat you, then you will find nothing comes close in normal life!

“Motorsport takes a certain type of character. Anyone drawn to the world of racing is a person of tremendous potential….heroic potential” – Terence Dove

Dave has been racing in motorsport since the age of 16 and Matt has been karting since the age of 14. It is their dream to continue on racing throughout their adult life, however motorsport is expensive and having sponsorship is a very important element in funding a racing career. They can only achieve their goals through hard work and with the help and investment from sponsors. Please read sponsorship for more info on how you can help.